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Get Paid Cash to Participate in Focus Groups

Focus Groups are a marketing tool that marketing, advertising. Sometimes scientific agencies use to conduct research on a particular product, service or concept. They usually invite 8-12 volunteer participants to participate in the research study which consists most often of a round table community discussion. Focus Groups can be fun for the participants and better still, the participants often get paid for their time. Focus groups usually last about two hours.

Each focus group focuses on their own unique topics so often the participants are chosen after they've been asked several qualifying questions and screened briefly over the telephone or online.

Companies who host focus groups are most often located in larger cities like New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. It doesn’t hurt to sign up for some of the marketing research company panels anyway because sometimes the focus groups are conducted online or in smaller towns. Furthermore, the research studies don't stop at roundtable focused discussions, these companies also perform paid one on one interviews, taste tests, mock jurys. Website evaluations.

I strongly suggest signing up for the following focus group panels. Just fill out your contact info and they'll be in touch with you when they think you might be eligible. Be patient, it doesn’t happen all the time, as they've to be diverse in their selection. But if you do get chosen, cross your fingers that you qualify to participate because the average focus group pays about $100. Who couldn’t use that?

Join These Panels


Focus Group.com

Boston Focus Groups

Focus Line

IOpinion Focus Groups

Columbia-Focus Might be just MD

MBS Internet Research Group

E-Callroom Focus Groups

Express Research and Focus Groups

*If you're interested in learning how

to participate in future FOCUS GROUPS click here:

Panel Opinions

Brookson Research-Consultants in Applied social Research

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